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As the leading driving school on Sydney's North Shore, ACE Driver Training Northshore is the number one choice for learners who wish to acquire their driving skills from the best. Driving safely is an essential life skill, and it is therefore very important that we establish safe-driving habits from the outset. I offer structured driver training using a sequential step-by-step driver-training method. My training covers driver knowledge, driver attitude, car control, hazard perception and the latest proactive defensive driving techniques. These important driving skills are designed to keep new drivers safe on their P’s and then on into their future.

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Customised Driving Lessons

ACE Driver Training Northshore has developed a unique step-by-step driver-training program that is the most comprehensive of any driving school, incorporating the most up-to-date proactive defensive driving techniques. Driving lessons are easily tailored to suit all learners' needs and abilities, from complete novices to those who are close to their driving test.

ACE Driver Training Northshore Vehicle

Lessons are conducted in an AUTOMATIC Hyundai Veloster fitted with a dual-control brake for your guidance and safety. The vehicle is regularly serviced, checked and tested for road-worthiness to ensure the absolute safety of all trainee drivers.

Affordable Driving Lessons

Searching for affordable driving lessons on Sydney’s North Shore? ACE Driver Training Northshore is the number one driving school in the area, providing unmatched quality driver training at affordable prices. Invest in your safe-driving future with ACE Driver Training Northshore.


Exemplary Driver Training on Sydney’s North Shore

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Trevor Harrison, first in driver education & training. I have covered over a million kilometres teaching my clients to drive. More than 90% of my clients pass their Driving Test first time, however, the real driving test starts on the day they get their P’s. The first six months ‘solo’ is the most dangerous time for all new drivers. My driver-training methods are designed to keep my clients safe through this worrying period and then on into the future.

What I Offer

Driving is an essential life skill and all learner drivers need professional driver training to ensure a safe-driving future. Driving lessons with ACE Driver Training Northshore consist of -
  • Comprehensive driver training unmatched by any other driving instructor or driving school
  • Emphasis on car control, decision making, hazard perception skills and the latest proactive defensive driving techniques
  • Detailed, structured, step-by-step learning path
  • Thoroughly planned and documented driver-training sessions
  • Complete coverage of the NSW Learner Driver Logbook
  • Ten hours’ driver training counts as thirty hours in your logbook
  • First test pass rate exceeds 90%
  • Package deals for unbeatable value for money
  • Servicing Sydney’s North Shore — Postcodes 2060-2077
  • Automatic Hyundai Veloster (BQ-56-CE) fitted with dual control brake

Staying Safe on Your P’s 

Every parent’s biggest concern is that the new P-plater will get home safe and sound. My training style is unique in the industry – I work in a totally structured way. My training is fully directed at producing safe and knowledgeable new drivers, ready to deal with going ‘solo’ on their P’s.

Practice Makes Perfect

Driver training is most beneficial from the outset. The most efficient way to learn is to instil safe driving habits from day one. However, I can help ALL learners from complete novices to those who have logged 100+ hours. Continuity of driver training prevents the formation of undesirable driving habits. To maximise your progress, try to average at least one lesson per week.


More About Driving Lessons

My unique Driver-Training Program provides the most comprehensive 'on road' training available, unmatched by any other driving instructor or driving school. My Driver-Training Program offers complete flexibility, as it can be tailored to suit each trainee-driver's ability and needs.

Beyond the Basics

Learning to drive is about more than starting, steering and stopping a car. It’s about learning how to cope with those situations that life behind the wheel throws at you - from knowing how to handle your car in difficult conditions, through to avoiding
potentially dangerous situations involving other road users. My comprehensive DriverTraining
Program provides you with the skills needed to handle difficult situations with knowledge and confidence. These safe-driving skills will stay with you for life.

Helping You Succeed

As an experienced driver trainer, I am skilled when it comes to delivering clear and concise coaching messages. All driving actions are isolated and then broken down into logical, sequential steps – ensuring everything is easy to follow. By learning in this structured way, the trainee driver can develop a complete safe-driving technique.

The Driver-Training Guide

My reference manual, ‘The Driver-Training Guide’ is a key component of my Driver-Training  Program. It is updated annually to reflect the current road rules and the latest safe-driving techniques. ‘The Driver-Training Guide’ is supplied free-of-charge to my clients. 


Driver-Training Packages

At ACE Driver Training Northshore, I offer flexibility in pricing and payment methods. I provide driver-training packages that offer unbeatable value for money. Check out my driver-training packages to find the one best suited to your needs. 

Fees and Packages

At ACE Driver Training Northshore, packages can be pre-paid or paid by instalment.
Introductory Driver-Training Session (2 hours’ duration)
  • Special price for learners with less than 100 hours logged.
 Your fee is $120, saving you $60!

Then choose Payment Option 1 or Payment Option 2...

Payment Option 1
  • Your session or instalment fee is $90 per hour.
Payment Option 2
  • The Full Monty Package (30 hours) $1800 - $60 per hour
  • The Intermediate Package (15 hours) $1050 - $70 per hour
  • The Ten-Pack (10 hours) $800 - $80 per hour
  • Additional driver-training sessions are available at your current package hourly rate.
Driving Test Preparation Package (6 hours’ duration)
  • Special price for new clients with 100+ hours logged.
Your fee is $495, saving you $45!


I've been training learner drivers for around 30 years on Sydney's North Shore. I train my clients in the very best safe-driving practices, teaching them how to proactively think for themselves on the road. I've trained around 3,000 students in that time and over 90% have passed their driving test on their first attempt. There can't be any better endorsement than that. 
Contact Trevor Harrison on 0418 657 893 to book your first appointment today. 
I may be unable to take your call during training hours (9am-6pm, Tuesday to Sunday). 
Please leave your message or send a text message and I’ll get back to you asap. 

Contact Information

Address: St Ives NSW 2075
Phone: 0418 657 893

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