Learn with ACE: The Best Driving Instructor on Sydney’s North Shore

As one of the best driving schools on the North Shore, ACE Driver Training is the number one choice for learners who want to acquire their skills from the best. Learning to drive really is a life skill, and it is therefore very important that you establish the right habits from the beginning.We offer structured training that establishes safe habits from the outset. Our training emphasis is on car control, hazard perception skills and defensive driving techniques – important skills that many cheap driving schools fail to take into account. Lessons are not just about obtaining your licence, they are about setting you up as a safe, competent driver for life.

We recognise that taking control of a vehicle is a part of everyday life. We show our clients how to stay safe in potentially dangerous situations by using low-risk driving techniques. We provide a unique, step-by-step program that is the most comprehensive of any driving school in Sydney. It can be tailored to suit your needs and ability in order to ensure that you become a competent, safe driver. Lessons take place in an automatic Hyundai Veloster fitted with a dual-control brake for safety.Searching for cheap driving lessons on Sydney’s North Shore? ACE is the number one school in the area, providing high quality lessons at very affordable prices – contact us today to book.